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Offizial Suplier 2013 German Championship
Customers review...
Ralf Mönning, BC Neviges 1960, Carom ralf.moenning@googlemail.com Hello Ferdinand, You bear the name "Cue ball doctor" justifiably right! Your billiard ball polishing set is amazing, I'm thrilled. The result have convinced me. Your set is just fantastic. Frank Spruzina, VfV Hildesheim, Carom FSpruzina@t-online.de Hello Ferdi, I have bought the complete set and I'm amazed. I wouldn't have thought that the billiard balls are indeed as good as new again after application. Just perfect. I will definitely recommend FERDI'S BILLIARD BURNISH. Angelo Weiß, 1. Dessauer PBC, Pool angelo.weiss@dessauer-pbc.de Hello Ferdi, I have received my set yesterday. I have already tried it and it's awesome. Thank you a lot! Oliver Kudlinski, PBV Rottweil, Pool o.kudlinski@t-online.de Hello Ferdi, I have tested your Restoring Cream extensively and can definitely recommend this product. The balls become as good as new again. I have also posted that at the "Billiard-Aktuell" - forum in a thread about proper cleaning of billiard balls. Well you have to be a lover of accurate playing material (like me) to restore the balls in that way. However I do really like your product. Helmut Krotochwill, UBC Amstetten, Carom, Austria krato@gmx.at Hey Ferdi, Of course we are very satisfied with your products. Otherwise we wouldn't have ordered another set ;-) We have treated balls sets of different ages with Ferdi's Billiard Burnish. Even the ball sets from season 2008/09 became new again! This is why we don't need to buy new ball sets in 2013! Thanks a lot for that! Henry Schwed, Cologne, Material Executive for the German Artistic Billiards Federation, Carom Hello Ferdinand, I'm definitely thrilled by Ferdi's Billiard Ball Burnish and I can only recommend this product to every billiard club and player. I can restore my old balls sets so good that I can't separate them from my new ones. With your product you help billiard clubs to save a lot of money or even their existence in economically difficult times like now! Additionally the sealing accomplishes that I can play my artistic shots 4-5 times more often without having to clean balls.