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Offizial Suplier 2013 German Championship
Instructions restorer: -When you first use of Ferdis-Billardball-Burnish you should first use the restorer No. 4 toNo. 1. After the four restorer creams the ball with the cloth is dried and sprayed with a sealer. Write down the four towels each with a thick permanent marker pen the numbers on them4,3,2 and 1, so that you can distinguish them by use next time. The restorer creams may notmix, otherwise it cancels the effect. Take the special cloth with the number 4, and fold it in half again. Give each one approximately large drops the restorer cream No. 4 to the middle of the left and right side of the cloth. Put the ball on the center of one side to the drop and rub it slightly on the ball surface. Cover the cloth over the ball and rub and polish with regular rotations, the billiard ball. For very worn billiard balls about 25 to 30 rotations by hand. Used ball about 10 - 15 times and only slightly used about 5-10 times. Then with flowing warm water to clean the pool balls. Then you repeat the process with each of the Restorer Cream # 3, then # 2, then Nr1. The billiard balls have after cleaning with warm water not be dried, but can be wet processed with the restorer creams. Leave the towels upstairs restorer creams. Us, you can use again next time. The creams are not bad. Now the billiard ball is smooth and like new. Then dry the billiard ball with the special cloth. Now take the sealer and shake it thoroughly. Place the balls on a surface and spray the one billiard ball. Not too much sealer Apply! Less is more! Then wait about 15-20 seconds, until the vehicle is dry ethanol for the nanoparticles. Then the billiard ball turn around its axis, so you can spray the bottom half of the billiard ball well. For 100% of the billiard ball effect let dry for an hour. Do you play after sealing immediately without waiting for the effect is about 50%. Now with the special polish dry cloth the billiard ball. (Do not put on the billiard ballpolishing or Shine!) Done! Mechanical impurities as Kicksen, jumping off the table or burns should be immediatelyduring the game with the damp cloth cleaned off easily without special pressure of the sealed billiard ball. With the dry cloth loosely special polish without pressure. Depending unconsumed the billiard ball, the greater the effect of the application. The sealing ranges depending Billardart, chalk player's actions, cleanliness of Spieker (washed hands?) And stress about 500 - 800 collisions. By renewing the mechanical damage of the billiard balls are only apparent. Ferdis-Billardball-Burnish © can compensate and restore any nicks or cuts. Damaged balls must be replaced. The ball-restorer serves consumed but not damaged billiard balls smooth and make as new.