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Offizial Suplier 2013 German Championship
General cleaning tips These are tips from my over 35 years of pool experience. Uses the tips, they will save your club in the long term costs. -Chalk always next to the pool table and NEVER use it. After chalking always Cue Shaft Blow off or brush off. Approx. 90% of the applied chalk falls after knocking back down. This chalk residue from too much chalk on the table and not the tapping makes the cloth and dirty bullets and provide an early consumption of both. Use the special cloth of Greg's ball-gloss and to clean the gangs and the cloth. Make sure the special cloth wet and wring it out so that the cloth is only damp yet. Then fold the cloth twice in the middle and pull off the bonds without pressure and slowly so that no temperature occurs and the fiber is not damaged. With, made wet with water, special sponges you can view your queue tops make excellent clean again. Just pull out the special sponge on your upper part and forth. It pulls out all the dirt. With the dry cloth wipe the special Obterteil.