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Cleaining - Restoring - Sealing - Care - After-Care For snooker: You need to invest only 60 minutes of your time in one year for the restoring of your billiard ballset with FERDIS- BILLIARD-BALL BURNISH. This will prolong the lifetime of you billiard ballset for at least 3 years! The other billiard varieties even require less time for the restoring of their billiard ballset. The developing of FERDIS- BILLIARD-BALL BURNISH took almost two years of work and. In this time the product ran through numerous tests. The result is a perfect care system for every variety of billiard balls, not matter if carom, pool, 5-pin, pyramid or snooker.
The Care System....
Offizial Suplier 2013 German Championship
Latest complete set for 3-cushion only "cushion-slide-effect" Top-Ranking Players brim over with enthusiasm for it!