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Offizial Suplier 2013 German Championship
Players and decision makers
Harry Wolff, German 8-ball Champion Seniors 2012 "In my view a top product. The reaction of the cue ball is absolutely authentic. I can recommend this product to every billiard player!"
Daniel Alvarez, German Head Referee and EBPF Rules Instructor "I can summarize this product in one sentence: Excellent! Finally a reasonable product for billiards."
Andres-Efler, Runner-Up World Championship Three Cushion 1998 "This product is amazing. No matter how used and dirty a billiard ball might be: Applied with FERDIS-BILLIARD-BALL BURNISH it's becoming as good as new again. The sealing provides a long lasting protection from dirt. Perfect for me and my billiard students!"
Thomas Ahrens, Vice World Champion - Europamesiter - multiple German champion Aritistik "From old to new with Ferdis-Billardball- Burnish no problem. I can only recommend. "
Gerd Kunz, Europamesiter team cone 5 "It is truly a product for top sports area. The use of Ferdis-Billardball- Burnish is time-consuming but effective. Any dirt or cloth fibers are attracted not just by the ball surface and a constant ball course is guaranteed.