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Offizial Suplier 2013 German Championship
Instructions for Pool (cleaning / sealing): Here is a guide for all pool clubs to facilitate the implementation and to integrate them into the club everyday: This application is in the pool area when all the balls have been extensive renovations with the 4 renewal creams: It is recommended to the club to introduce a so-called ball attendant who is solely responsible for the ball sets. This ball warden then grabs one day before the next League or Individual Championship Round 4 people from the club. With whom he goes, follow these steps in the application with Ferdis-Billardball-Burnish: The first takes the first ball, takes the special sponge, sprayed the special cleaner on it, cleans the first ball and then passes it to the Second The second takes the ball, add one drop 1drauf renewal cream, polished by the hands of about 30 rotations (depending on usage traces of the ball more or less) the ball and passes it to the third party continues The third takes the ball to the renewal cream 1 on it, polished it clean with the special clothand passes it to the Fourth further. The Fourth washes clean the ball under warm running water and gives it the fifth on. The Fifth dries the ball and puts it purely in the box Then seal all the balls at once in the box, top down, turn the box at once and then seal the other side also. The balls then leave overnight with the open box On game day, just before the game all the balls short dry polishing away with the special cloth so that the residue of bonding (ethanol residue) is polished away If the cue ball is dirty, making only one with water only damp cloth to remove dirt and madespecial with the dry afterwards. -n this way, you can do a clean set of ball seal in 8 minutes. At almost the same way you can with the renewal creams 4,3,2, and 1 process, if you willrenew the basic sets of balls.